Predictor variables for NCLEX-RN readiness exam performance.


AIM To understand the relationship among NLCLEX-RN readiness exam scores and influencing variables. BACKGROUND First-time NCLEX-RN pass rates are a visible measure of program quality.Therefore, schools have adopted aggressive prediction and remediation measures to improve NCLEX-RN pass rate success and therefore the number of licensed and practicing nurses. METHOD This descriptive correlational study used regression analysis to investigate multivariate relationship between NCLEX-RN readiness exam scores and predictors. RESULTS This study's findings suggest that while the input variables measured by grades in prerequisites initially appear predictive, only the presence of transfer credits, a potential marker for age and motivation, remains significant. CONCLUSION Most transfer students are nontraditional adult learners.Therefore, it can be theorized that student personal system has a significant impact on the outcome. The first nursing course, adult health nursing plus maternal-child health nursing, appears foundational for the NCLEX readiness exam.


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